Goostrey Methodist Church Newsnotes

We welcome you to re-establish your roots. Back to focus and forward to focussing. We believe in Jesus Christ as our Lord and Saviour and in the power of the Holy Spirit recongnising we are called to be a welcoming, praying Church and to share in God’s mission of love to the world. We value […]


Sarah and Charlotte took some time out in August; your  has recharged their batteries. We love our readers attention, and appreciate all the time spent reading our posts, journeys and quirky, classy advertorial. As I write, the geese are honking to their nests upon the mere.  Charlotte is on the beach in Cornwall and […]


This is the winning photo taken by Erica Bates. It is of Goostrey lake or Allostock  last winter. All that matters, is the capture of a local scene.  LoveGoostrey  is afteral LoveGoostreyand District Congratulations Erica! From  

Wild Walking

As the vertical path crumbled under the sole of my water-filled cavern of a walking boot, due to falling into the local brook, and despite lingering exhaustion due to late July heat, there were elberberries and a few blackberries erupting as I descended the route back via  The Bongs of Goostrey. One wet boot, one […]

Time still to prepare and sow

As the sunflowers show faces in our gardens with a smile and wave, I  felt a change of season coming and the breeze, wandered over for a catch-up this afternoon. I had missed the visit lengthily and hope he remains to refresh us all, our gardens and pets. It must be very gruelling for livestock […]


The latest improvement at Goostrey railway station is the installation of two display cabinets. Nature Sign Design placed them in the waiting area on the Manchester to Crewe platform because this is where artwork created by pupils at Goostrey Community Primary School is exhibited. The cabinets are sealed and lockable so they will protect the […]

Legislation and Hedge Cutting

Now is the time to consider tackling unruly hedges and shrubs as the bird nesting season begins to waiver. Some breeds build their nests in domestic hedges and countryside hedge rows, and are protected by law please visit The WCA (Wildlife and Countryside Act) of 1981 stipulates that certain hedges and shrubs may only […]


Gooseberry growing is an older tradition than the traction engines seen in the village of Goostrey. Competitive Gooseberry growing started in the late 1700’s and reached its peak of popularity in the mid 1800’s. The first Gooseberry show in Goostrey was in 1863 but folded a few years later.  Once there were over 200 gooseberry […]