Goostrey Methodist Church Newsnotes

We welcome you to re-establish your roots. Back to focus and forward to focussing. We believe in Jesus Christ as our Lord and Saviour and in the power of the Holy Spirit recongnising we are called to be a welcoming, praying Church and to share in God’s mission of love to the world. We value […]


VILLAGE IMPROVEMENT PLAN One of the objectives of the Parish Council Annual Plan is to identify the potential for environmental improvements to various areas in the village. Such improvements are likely to include in the main, soft landscaping with the possibility of some hard landscaping changes.  As part of the project, we will be consulting with residents […]

Celebrating the Love Goostrey Volunteers

Celebrating the Love Goostrey Volunteers

When it became apparent that COVID was going to force the country into lockdown, a chance comment on the Love Goostrey Facebook page created a team of amazing local volunteers who have now done over 300 acts of service for the people around the village. The work of the Love Goostrey volunteers has recently been […]