This week I will give you ideas and information about what is in season for you chefs to ready, steady and cook up recipes of your own, creating to impress family and friends with.

Please try to source produce locally and support our farming community, produce suppliers within the surrounding villages, and please share with us at your recipes so we can all bounce ideas off one another.

Home- grown items should now be plentiful also, perhaps we can post comments on what surplus produce we have. Are you full of courgettes and would like to swap for tomatoes or other items that are plentiful? If so email

However, whilst Covid-19 rules and concerns are up in the air please be careful when handling produce.


1 x Cos/Romaine lettuce

Your little green friend is also friends with the sweeter version of Chicory. The pain de Sucre version.

1 x small pack of crumbling stilton cheese

1 x cup of shelled peas

2 x slices of dry bread toasted and cooled, cut into cubes and fried in a tablespoon of olive oil, set aside


Please select your favourite protein, if necessary, and using one part cider vinegar to the same of garlic infused olive oil add salt and pepper to your personal taste.

Wash and chop the salad ingredients and set aside to drain in a sieve then refrigerate.


This quantity serves 2/3 adults. Think about what to drink with the creation. Will it be a light lunch or a side-dish? What will your version be and where shall it get served?

Keep me posted by email



Love Sarah

Sarah McNaught

Managing Director





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